Opportunity SC: Community Economic Development Conference 


The Opportunity SC Conference is the largest comprehensive community development convention and forum in South Carolina. Spanning two days, the 20th annual conference will expose attendees to integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions for low‐ wealth communities across our state and region. Over the past 19 years, the Opportunity SC Conference has welcomed more than 5,000 attendees, representing almost every county in the state.

The Opportunity SC Conference:

  • Leads attendees into a deep exploration of Community Economic Development (CED) work

  • Establishes best practices and standardizes policies in the community development sector

  • Celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of members, partners and community development organizations around the state

  • Provides networking and collaboration opportunities for Conference attendees

  • Provides opportunities for personal and professionally growth within our community

  • Supports attendees as they discover their passions and challenges their way of thinking about the work of community development

  • Allows attendees to learn where, when and how they can help South Carolina reach her full potential

  • Amplifies the voice of our attendees and lets them know that their voice matters

The Opportunity SC Conference will be a two-day celebration of the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development’s 25th Anniversary. The event will kick off with a panel discussion on economic disparities at the Charleston Museum Auditorium followed by a cocktail reception on the afternoon of November 13th. The following day will be a daylong forum featuring keynote speakers, panels, and breakout sessions at the Charleston Marriott. The celebration will culminate with the 25th Anniversary Gala the evening of November 14th at the Charleston Marriott.

Visit SCACED's website to learn more about our mission and how our members work collaboratively to build wealth and create economic opportunity for all South Carolina residents.